I’m a bad blogger :(

I haven’t blogged in a long while. Things have been really busy. A few months ago I was begged by a friend of mine to come up with a show to fill space on his new talk station. I haven’t done anything in radio in a long while because I don’t like how normal radio works. I wanted to do something that wasn’t like radio but more like TV. I wanted to add real personality and fun while adding self-help and entertainment.  So I came up with a show and focused around giving someone a break. So I decided to call the show, It’s Your Break. To hear what I have done so far go to www.itsyourbreak.com. I am still developing and evolving the show even though it’s currently being played on my friends station. I am also planning on doing some type audio or video blog here on jonathanmertz.com. So look for more things to come.