Jonathan credits his imagination for getting him into trouble while in school and allowing him to express himself in life. Without his imagination he said would have never done or tried anything.

Jonathan Mertz was born in October of 1979 in Louisville, KY. He would be the first of five children, four boys and one girl. He lived in the same house in Eminence, KY with his entire family until he was married in 2003. In June of 2005 Jonathan and his wife welcomed their son.

During his childhood Jonathan had to be creative to stand out in a household of four boys and one girl. His family has always been a big inspiration to him, he said that if he is ever short for ideas he would just remember things he use to do with his family. Jonathan and his siblings where constantly acting like their favorite superheroes, putting on plays for their parents and making films to entertain themselves. Now Jonathan looks to entertain his son in the same way that he and his siblings entertained each other and at the same time be inspired by him. Jonathan constantly gets inspiration from his son and his wife as well as life itself.

Jonathan‘s move into voice acting wouldn’t happen until he decided to get into radio in 1996. Jonathan’s leap into radio came after shadowing a local radio DJ named Ron Wainscott in 1996. Ron is credited for giving Jonathan a lead to a radio station job opening at the Former 1600 AM WKXF in Eminence, KY where Jonathan landed his first radio job. Radio is where Jonathan found a love for voice-acting and started to really practice imitations and to develop characters as well as voicing many commercial and features. Jonathan eventually would make a decision to leave radio behind and to focus on Voice Acting. Constantly practicing on different styles and methods Jonathan was able develop many different characters and impersonations of people and other characters.

Jonathan’s goal is to make a living doing what he loves, Voice-Acting.