Speak Up, It’s The Big Picture! – Jonathan Mertz – Just Talking About Whatever

In life, things can pass you by or they may not go your way. Sometimes you may notice someone else struggling or having a conflict. In either situation, a possible solution may be to speak up! This doesn’t mean you become a “Karen” as the term has been coined for all of the wrong ways to approach a situation. (sorry for all of the good people out there named Karen, I know you are out there! I know because I know a few.)  

However, to speak up actually means taking a reasonable approach and using your voice to help. In this episode, I go over this topic and show one example of how the students and parents at the Big Picture Academy spoke up to fight for their school! 

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Jonathan Mertz – Speak Up Video

Shelby County (KY) Board of Education Meeting – March 24th, 2022